Monday, 31 December, 2007

Made in Japan Joke

A Japanese tourist hails a taxi at Heathrow Airport London and asks to be taken across London to the city.
On the way the tourist sees a Toyota car and shouts,
“Oh! TOYOTA! Made in Japan. Very fast.”
Next he sees a Nissan car and shouts,
“Oh! NISSAN! Made in Japan. Very fast.”
Next he sees a Mitsubishi car and shouts,
“Oh! MITSUBISHI! Made in Japan. Very fast.”
Well the London cap driver is getting a little miffed that so many Japanese made cars are passing his 100% British London cab. So he finally gets to the city stops, he’s feeling glad that he’ll soon be seeing
the back of the guy. He points at the meter and says,
“That’ll be 100 pounds please mate.”
“100 pounds, but it was a very short a ride! Why so much?”
“Taxi Meter,” says the cabby, “Made in Japan. Very fast!”

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